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No Leader Can Stand Alone

One of the greatest untruthful suggestions of the industrial era is that leaders lead alone. Leaders are supposed to have the ideas, the intimidation factor, error-free decision making, a crystal ball … you get the picture. I was once such a hopeful leader. I supposed that I had to have perfect vision and execution and that leadership would come from my own free standing expertise. I was wrong.

Either those last 3 words proves I am not a strong leader or the opposite. I am here to say that I am increasing my strength as a leader because I am increasing my trust in others. I rely on the feedback and criticism of others and in my weekly schedule I take time to listen and open myself to the actual, honest thoughts of people who can see my life and business from a different perspective.

Whom are you sharing your life with? Whom are you sharing your ideas with? If you are isolated you will certainly fail to reach your greatest potential. Anyone with experience with campfires knows that one log does not burn by itself, it will burn itself out. Gather around you a group of women and men who have the guts to tell it like it is with the sole purpose of making you better. That group will help you find the inner strengths that would be very difficult to find and exercise on your own. Together you will succeed but no leader can stand alone.


“Why Small Organizations Mean Big Business”

There are some great tips in this article that will reduce stress for small business owners. Take some action toward getting the additional professional help you need be able to spend the majority of your time in the passionate core of your product development.

Business Valuation and Exit Planning

Business Valuation and Exit Planning

One of the most heart-wrenching decisions any business owner faces is what to do with his or her business when they want to be “less involved.” There are many emotional and important factors that must be faced effectively to develop an effective business exit plan. It is best to start early (as much as 5 years from the earliest date of disposition) to lessen the emotional impact on the owner during execution of the exit plan.

The basis for any exit plan is an honest business valuation. You need to know what your business is really worth on the market. In most cases a business owner over-values her business baby. She has put her very soul into making it successful and it means much more to her than what someone may be willing to pay in real money.

Getting a business valuation from someone like Synergy Business Services will start the process. Their low cost objective valuation of your business is a starting point for exit planning. In many cases, there are things that you can do to enhance the real value of your business before the critical moment of disposition that will make it more profitable in the short and long term, therefore more desirable to a potential buyer.

Armed with objectivity and a plan for profitability, you can be much more confident in your decision making as you move toward releasing the business to your successor.

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