Emotional Challenges for Executives, Managers and Business Owners

Partnering with Executives to Break Through Fear, Anger and other Emotional Barriers to Success

Paralyzing Fear

Perhaps you don’t experience it as “fear,” e.g. heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fight or flight, but there are fears that can keep you in your creativity wheelchair. These fears prevent your outstanding ideas from getting onto the drafting table and into production.  Fear is essentially a though process that evaluates the likelihood of discomfort and pain in a future endeavor.  It can take the form of “realism” that essentially restricts your attempts at a project until it “feels” like a sure thing. It may also take the “voice” of a significant person in your life, e.g. a boss, board, spouse, friend or parent, that you hear in your own mind but as if you are having a conversation with them and having to defend yourself (usually unsuccessfully) against their criticism. Either way the fears are subtle and powerful enough to stop your remarkably creative ideas from seeing the light of day. Cancel your fear. Get out of the wheelchair of fear and walk toward the criticism. Endure the discomfort, ignore the voices and take the next step toward making a difference.

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One thought on “Paralyzing Fear

  1. I like the wheelchair analogy. Face the pain of criticism or the comfortable fear of going nowhere and doing nothing. I would like to see more on how to get out of the wheelchair of fear and walking toward the criticism.


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